The NVR/DVR less solution | The Future of Home Security
Cost Effective
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For an up to date IP POE CCTV System these days can be very costly. For a PTZ system or a 2K POE package can cost over a £1000.

LCS have come up with a very affordable and appealing monthly solution, for consumers who do not want to pay a hefty upfront cost for multiple cameras.

Why LCS Cloud?

With our current offering, a single PTZ camera provides sufficient coverage for an averaged sized terraced house.


With a PTZ camera installed at the front of your house, you will enjoy full coverage, giving you the ability to pan, tilt and zoom your camera to any angle you want, facing any direction you want, whenever you want, remotely from your phone -effortless!

Burglary Proof

Having the LCS Cloud solution means no On-Premises recorder. Usually, where there is CCTV there is also a recorded NVR/DVR nearby. In a household, this can easily be located and stolen during a robbery. You wont have to worry about this with LCS Cloud CCTV. Your footage is recorded directly on our Cloud Server which is instantly accessible via a mobile App, or web browser - making your CCTV burglary proof!

How is it so affordable?

You are essentially paying a rental for the camera and subscription all in one go. Contracts are 24 months with a 2 week initial cooling period. After your contract expires, you are eligible to continue paying for your subscription, return your hardware or purchase the camera out right. Purchasing the camera outright will come at a heavily discounted rate at the end of your contract.

Use your existing system?

If you already have cameras installed at your premises and want to back up your footage to our cloud - your subscription will be a little cheaper as you are not renting hardware from us. Please see our Cloud Storage page here for pricing. 

Please note, only IP Cameras running ONVIF protocol is compatible with our cloud server.

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Want More?
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If you'd prefer to have 2 fixed cameras instead of a single PTZ camera at the front of your house, then this is also possible. This would increase the monthly charge to quantity of 2, as you would have a cloud subscription per camera.

Whats Included?
  • 6 monthly service is included with your CCTV Rental.

  • Should your camera become faulty, hardware is replaced under our LCS Warranty within 3-5 working days.

  • 10 or 20 days depending on your subscription.

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£10 a month

10 Days Recording

Price per camera

Includes Camera rental

Unlimited users

10 days retention

£15 a month

20 Days Recording

Price Per Camera

Includes 1 camera rental

Unlimited users

20 Days retention

5mp cam right.png
£20 a month

30 Days Recording

Price Per Camera

Includes 1 camera rental

Unlimited Users

30 Days Retention