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POE Technology

At LCS, we only use the latest technology when installing CCTV. All of our IP cameras use POE technology, which ensure less clutter and cleaner installs. With POE technology, your cameras are powered by the POE ports on your Network Video Recorder (NVR), a second power source for each camera is not required.  

Clutter Free Installation

Our installation are up to a professional standard, we promise excellence and great customer service. We ensure all cabling concealed and hidden, to prevent damage or wear. By doing this, the aesthetics of your property is not affected, and promotes longer life for your invested CCTV system.


Traditional CCTV systems use BNC or Coaxial Cabling, each camera would require 2 cables, one for power and one for video. This leaves the location of the recorder with a lot of clutter and cabling. The connection between the camera and cabling is also not air tight and is exposed to cO2 in the air, which overtime builds corrosion around the copper connection. This gradually damages the camera, with symptoms of signal failure, colour loss, and finally black out. As a result, the BNC camera becomes faulty.

LCS use only the latest POE IP technology. Network cameras, that are networked which are accessed remotely from anywhere in the world with an Internet Connection.

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