n extension of the Texecom-boxed KIT-0002, the KIT-0002-A has everything you need for a complete wireless alarm that you can access from your IPhone or Android device, with nothing else needed.


The Texecom Premier Elite 64-W Ricochet panel sits at the heart of this Ricochet wireless burglar alarm kit. Offering up to 64 Ricochet enabled wireless zones in wireless, self-contained and hybrid panel formats. Compatible with the latest Premier Elite mobile apps and Premier Elite ComWiFi connectivity, each Premier Elite Wireless Kit provides scalability and design flexibility. All nessasary documentation must be downloaded through the manufacturers website. All installations must be done by a professional. Powersaver cannot advise on any installation or setup aspects of the alarm systems. It is upto the purchaser to seek the nessasary skills and knowledge on the installation of alarm systems.

TEXECOM KIT Complete WiFi and App Enabled FULL Wireless Alarm Kit